Feed Your Family Farm-Raised Beef

Get farm-raised beef delivery services in West Branch, MI

Are you tired of low-quality grocery store beef? Here at Running W Farms, we believe in raising our beef the old-fashioned way. Our farm-raised cows are fed the correct portions of corn and hay grown right here on our farm in West Branch, MI to yield steaks that grade out to prime or better. We offer beef delivery and pickup options.

You can order:

  • A quarter steer
  • A half steer
  • A whole steer

After your farm-raised beef goes through the aging process, we'll have it prepared by a USDA-certified butcher. Contact us today to learn more about our beef delivery options.

What makes farm-raised beef better?

Farm-raised beef has become more popular in the last few years - and for good reason. Farm-to-table food is a healthier option than factory-raised meat products. Not only is our way of raising beef more humane, but it also yields nutritionally superior meat.

You don't have to settle for low-quality meat. Turn to Running W Farms for farm-raised beef in West Branch, MI, and throughout Michigan. Call 810-240-2376 to schedule a beef delivery.

Beef Pricing

$3.50 per pound hook weight which includes the processing at Ebel's, a USDA butcher in Falmouth, MI.

Our steers average 800 - 1000 pounds hook weight at butcher so for a whole steer the average cost is $2800 - $3500 plus the delivery fee which is $25-$75 based on your location.

1/2 steer averages 400 - 500 pounds hook weight so average cost is $1400 - $1750 plus delivery

1/4 steer averages 200 - 250 pounds hook weight so average cost is $700 - $875 plus delivery