Taste the Difference With Farm-Fresh Eggs Delivery

Turn to Running W Farms in West Branch, MI

Eggs are a staple in many healthy diets. From breakfast to baking, they're used in a variety of ways. But not all eggs are created equal. Running W Farms offers farm-fresh eggs from humanely raised chickens in West Branch, MI.

We have fresh eggs available year-round. All our eggs are washed and stamped with the date they were laid to ensure freshness, and they're good for up to five weeks in the fridge. Our chickens have a regular diet that consists of fresh produce and beef suet. Contact us today to ask about our farm-fresh egg delivery services.

Benefits of farm-fresh eggs

Our eggs are far more nutritious than those from factory-raised chickens. You can even taste the difference when you try them yourself. Compared to store-bought eggs, Farm-fresh eggs are:

  • More nutrient-dense
  • Lower in cholesterol
  • Richer in taste

Get farm-fresh egg delivery services from Running W Farms in West Branch, MI. Call us today to schedule an order.